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When it Comes to Fashion, Follow Your Heart

I was in Rome for the past two weeks. It’s perfect beauty of nature, architecture, historical monuments, culture, colorful food…and, of course, the fashion are what makes this city so incredible! This is the heart of fashion and with all the beautiful apparel, I couldn’t help but notice one item of clothing everywhere.

My eyes fell on this unbelievable pair of flowing, brightly colored pants. Something odd and very retro but still I found them in every store and on countless women on every street corner. The item: parachute pants.

As the Fashion and Beauty Editor for Live Fit Magazine and Films, I couldn’t wait to share this with you. I’ve seen these pants in the U.S. but not that much. Of course, we know what’s popular in Italy, especially, eventually makes its way to the states.

A few weeks before I left for Rome, I went shopping with a couple of my girlfriends. We went into Forever 21 and were perusing all racks and shelves when my friend pointed out a pair of baggy pants with a big tribal-looking pattern on them. She told me, “I could totally see you wearing these.” I was intrigued by the odd pants so I tried them on and to my surprise loved them! However, I didn’t buy them because I thought they were too out-there even for my style. But I kept thinking about how I should have bought the pants. So when I visited Italy and saw many women wearing parachute pants I realized I should have gotten them! Not just because they’re in style here, but because I simply loved them.

The moral of this story is if you like something, get it! Why should it matter if it is in style or not? It’s what you like and who knows–perhaps one day everyone will follow you.

Many of my friends at school have complimented me on my unique style so I decided to create a column that talks about my styles, the in-fashion, and original ideas. In my opinion, fashion is not about what the latest trends are, but what you feel expresses you and just in general what you like. Follow some trends you like and create the rest yourself. Don’t be afraid to wear something completely crazy. Be original! It’s how you get noticed!

Thanks for reading this week’s article! Here are some photos taken by Live Fit Magazine and Films of some outfits that I love!

[cincopa AkAAwrqhuSk2]

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