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Want to Lose Weight Faster?

Battling the bulge can seem like a never-ending fight but if you want to lose weight faster, don’t fight it. What? You say. Yes, resistance to your weight will keep you locked into the weight you don’t want. The saying “what you think about grows bigger” applies to your weight too.

So, if you want to lose weight faster, think about it less. However, when you do think about losing weight, think and make healthy choices. Here are a few suggestions.

Park it and walk. Many of us live close to retail stores and restaurants but, somehow, when it comes time to head off to dinner or the store, we automatically jump in our cars and make the whole 10-minute drive. Just think, we could’ve made a healthier choice–opted to tie the sports shoes and get in a brisk walk.

This goes for shopping malls as well. Ever find yourself circling a parking lot because you don’t want to park more than 20 feet away? Or how about this one. You head to the gym but are discouraged because all the front-row parking is taken. Yeah, it’s kind of habit for many of us. We want to park in the closest spot and at the same time we want to lose weight faster than we have been. A bit of a catch-22, I’d say!

Skip the cart. Bring the reusable bags. When you go shopping give your body a bit of a workout. A lot of women, especially, tend to skip lifting weights as they age; yet this is vital for strong healthy bones and muscles. It’s also important to build muscle to lose weight faster. Muscle increases your metabolism and causes you to burn fat and lose weight faster. Carrying your groceries around the store and to the car can help you keep the muscle you have. No, it’s not going to replace the weight-lifting workout but it does help. Those bags can get heavy. So, don’t overdo it but do pile it in and give those biceps a shopping workout.

Find time to meditate. You want to lose weight faster and I’m telling you to sit on your bottom? Go figure! The body needs rest and relaxation. If you’re over-worked, stressed out, and completely worn out, you won’t lose weight faster. In fact, you’re likely to add weight faster.

Good, strong, healthy workouts are vital but, make no mistake, so are good, long, restful periods. So, when your body is telling you it’s time to relax–just do it! Sometimes it’s your mind that really needs the break and it’s very important to not put off those needs. Mental breaks will keep you tuned up and ready to give it your all during your next workout which translates into helping you to lose weight faster. Frame of mind matters just as much as doing the exercises.


Get outside for your workout. Gym exercises are fantastic but nothing beats the great outdoors. When you exercise outside your body is forced to constantly adjust to the exercise. If you’re hiking, for instance, the terrain is never the same. Those subtle changes cause your muscles to respond differently each time you hike. Just don’t be lazy; pick up the pace, break a sweat and work that body!

I love doing about an hour beach walk and hike. You never know what you’ll see. What you run across is enough to make you get hooked on the great outdoors for your next workout. And the more you’re happily hooked, the more you’ll lose weight faster!

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