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Top 10 Holiday Gifts

Fushigi Ball

Buy it here.

Its a ball that defies gravity! What more is there to say? You can order one at Fushigi Ball and experience the magic for yourself. Bring its pull to your holidays celebrations to experience it with young or old. Its therapeutic effect will surely have you in a coma if the Turkey doesn’t.

1-Cup Coffeemaker

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It might even be as fast as microwaving a pop tart. In this day and age, even coffee making is more efficient. This machine makes exactly one mug of fresh coffee, hot cocoa, or whatever else you can find in a little packet– in just a few seconds! If you know someone who is always on the run, there is no doubt that this is the gift for them. And you can find it almost anywhere. Try looking at Target, Best Buy, Sears and more.

Boogie Board™ Paperless LCD Writing Table

Buy it here.

You never thought writing on an erasable tablet could be so much fun! It would brighten up any gloomy household. And, let’s face it, kids these days are hard to impress without spending a fortune on some technological contraption. Well not this time! This low–powered LCD screen writing board is sure to catch their attention. The sweet deal cannot have looked any better. Find it at your local Brookstone.

Netflix subscription gift card

Buy it here.

Movies, movies, movies, and more movies. Your gift recipient can think of you every time he or she watches a movie! For only $8.99 a month, you can purchase as many months as you’d like for someone, and they get unlimited movie–watching abilities on netflix. This gift literally keeps on giving. Go to to order.

Power Mat

Buy it here.

Charge up your holidays with a power mat for ipods, phones, and more! If you know anyone who works in an office or just has a ton of devices, this might be exactly what they’re looking for. The mat plugs into the wall and you put a special case on your phone with a flat electronic surface on the bottom to pick up the charge. So it’s all cordless and convenient. Find it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Personalized alphabet art

Buy it here.

Nothing says “thoughtful” like a pretty picture to hang on someone’s wall. Just spell out a friend’s name or a word that’s meaningful and voila! It’s art! You can order it online through Sky Mall.

Breakfast maker

Buy it here.

Innovation or laziness? Who cares! Its a breakfast–maker that makes an egg and two toast items! This is America, and morning is the best time to be lazy, anyway. Not only is it nifty, its so original! They’ll be so bewildered by your thoughtfulness, they won’t ever be able to forget you for it. Find it at Macy’s.

F My Life book

Buy it here.

It was a website, and now it’s a book. If you know someone whose life sucks, show ‘em it’s not so bad with a book packed full of hilariously unfortunate stories. But for adults only, please. It would be an understatement to say that there may be some potty language. Order it online from


Buy it here.

What better gift is there than life itself? None! That’s right, Apple is your life now and you could virtually live through your mac laptop. So give someone a chance at life this holiday with the three–program set of 2011’s iphoto, imovie, and garageband. It could be a special opportunity for a creative–minded student, or anybody for that matter! Find it at your nearest Apple store, or order it online.

Magnetic putty

Buy it here.

Challenge a kid’s mind with the conceptual value of a magnet, and silliness of putty. Entertainment for hours! It’s mysterious and fun for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your age is. Just hope whoever gets it has been good all year or they might think it’s coal! Order it at

iPhone travel speaker (Horn Stand Acoustic Amplifier)

Buy it here.

Help someone strut with his or her own soundtrack this holiday season with the Horn Stand Acoustic Amplifier. A travel speaker for the iphone that never runs out of style! Let the party go where you go. Order it online at

Laptop Ultralite

Buy it here.

A convenient lap desk for a laptop can make all the difference! Especially for those of us who like to do work while lounging in a recliner or sitting in bed. Help someone get comfy with the Ultralite lap desk. It can do so many things, from sitting on a lap, tilting the laptop on a real desk, to folding up small enough to put in a computer bag. Order at Amazon.

Ice cream ball

Buy it here.

Shake it up with the Ice Cream Ball. Homemade ice cream is really the best kind, but what about ball-made ice cream? To find out you just have to throw the ball! Making the ice cream will be more fun than eating it. Order it on Amazon.

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