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The Springs Resort and Spa: a Healing Waters Retreat

PagosaSprings2While the distinct smell of sulfur may be noticed first, the geothermal water of this odor is the main draw to the small town of Pagosa Springs in Southwest Colorado where you’ll find The Springs Resort and Spa. Along with the sulfur, the “healing waters” (what Pagosa means in Ute) are made up of 13 minerals including sodium, potassium, and magnesium, all believed to provide therapeutic qualities for those who immerse themselves in the waters. Soaking in these geothermal waters becomes a recreational retreat when visiting the Springs Resort and Spa.

With 23 pools, all with mineral-infused water, the Springs Resort and Spa is a mecca for those desiring total relaxation and to away soothe the aches and pains of life. The pools range in temperatures from 99 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. R.D. Whittington, director of sales at the Springs Resort and Spa, says the bountiful soaking pools are what differentiate the Springs Resort from other areas with hot springs. Whittington adds that it helps to have the pools right next to the San Juan River.

With Southwest stucco adorning the outside and European styles influencing the inside, the Springs Resort and Spa bathhouse has everything a soaker needs to enjoy the bountiful healing water pools. Forgot the bathing suit? No worries. The bathhouse offers plenty of styles for a day of soaking. Also, commemorative t-shirts, hoodies, and other keepsakes are available for purchase.

For a day of pampering, there is a spa and salon onsite. Also, trails on the grounds, throughout downtown Pagosa Springs, and on Reservoir Hill supply ample opportunity to take a stroll in between soaks. The mother spring, located onsite, has been verified by the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest hot spring in the world at 1002 feet.

The Springs Resort and Spa’s Ecoluxe building includes 29 guestrooms with six of those rooms “signature” suites that are all LEED certified—one of the few in Colorado and one of only 14 in the nation with this “gold certification” scored by the federal government on environmental friendliness. Whittington explains that the geothermal waters supply heat to the Ecoluxe Building and the river water cools the building. Those staying at the Springs Resort and Spa receive a perk of 24-hour access to the pools along with the comfort of knowing their stay is in one of the greenest resorts in the nation.

PagosaSprings3In an arid, mountain location, the Springs Resort and Spa is an oasis, feeling more like a beach resort with diverse pools, water trickling from rock crevices, and lounging chairs. A gazebo carries the vital liquids to refuel and snacks to invigorate. The Springs Resort and Spa has cold showers to cool down soakers on warmer days so that they can keep on exploring the 23 pools, and a lap pool (the Blue Lagoon) with pool toys for the younger visitors or the visitors young at heart.

“The 23 individual pools are hard to find anywhere else,” says Whittington.

All the amenities and a quiet respite may be why Oprah has visited twice. With soaking options like the Tranquility Pool, the Waterfall Pool, and the Treasure Pool, relaxation is the epitome of the services. Viewing the panoramic San Juan Mountains while relaxing in the Springs Resort and Spa’s healing waters heightens an already one-of-a-kind experience in this water sanctuary.

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