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The Little Black Dress

black dress on PCIN.TVIt is arguable that one of the greatest items of clothing a woman can own is one little black dress. It is perfect for a girls’ night out or a
party and you can throw a vest, cardigan, or pretty much anything over one to create various looks that fit your mood and style. However, such dresses can be pricey. Here are two ways you can rock a little black dress without breaking the bank.
No one will know if you’re not really wearing a dress! Get the look of a cute little dress without spending big bucks on a dress. What you can do is wear a sweater, vest, button-down, or anything else over a tank/bando and skirt that you may already own. In a photo below you can see me wearing a combination of a skirt and bando creating the illusion of a fitted black dress.

If you are interested in wearing an actual dress, try stores like Forever 21 and Papaya. They have nice dresses that are inexpensive and cute! You can see a dress that I purchased from Papaya below.

Wear what works for you. Find colors that work with your skin tone, hair color, eyes, etc to make an outfit stand out. For instance, I have tan skin; therefore, tans, auburn, Tuscan and colors of the like work best for me as can be seen below. However, don’t feel you have to conform to a color palette all the time. Mix up the color scheme like you would items of clothing. Color blocking is in so feel free to mix a bunch of different colors! Don’t wear the same colors all the time. One day wear bright colors; the next go more natural, or combine the two. This way you will turn heads and keep people on their feet waiting to see what you’ll think of next!


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