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The Film The Debt Pays Big: Delivers Action, Suspense & Surprise Ending (film review)

I can’t think of a better movie rental right now than “The Debt,” a captivating, action-packed drama about three Mossad secret agents who, 30 years after carrying out a mission to capture a Nazi war criminal, must face the consequences of what really happened.

Now, I have to be honest; the first ten minutes of the film, I kept saying, “Huh? What just happened?” Scenes from the past and the present are intertwined, which made it a bit confusing . However, my advice is, keep watching and don’t ask questions. The pieces all come together pretty quickly and that’s when you’ll be completely captivated by this amazing film.

This movie will take you on a wild ride with its gripping plot, its nonstop action and its complicated love triangle. It starts off in 1997, when the daughter of former Mossad agent, Rachel (played by Helen Mirren, who’s amazing) publishes a book about her mother’s heroic capture of a horrific German doctor who tortured Jews during the Holocaust. “The Debt” then takes us back to the past.

The year is 1966, and Rachel, Stephan (her now ex-husband), and David, the man she truly loves are putting into operation their elaborate and well-thought-out plan. But when things go wrong, the three make a decision that will haunt them for almost their entire lives.

The Debt, a film review by Live Fit MagazineBack to 1997, the threat of the truth coming out presents itself, and now they must decide how to handle “The Debt.”

Jessica Chastain plays young Rachel and, let me tell you, she is absolutely beautiful! Her relationship with David (played by Sam Worthington) is done really, really well, to the point where I wanted them to be together so badly I had tears in my eyes. Another great character is Doktor Bernhardt (played by Jesper Christiensen). This guy is despicable! Wicked and evil to the core.

And the ending is amazing, with a scene that is so shocking, scary and creepy, I actually gasped loudly!

“The Debt” is a must-see movie.

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