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Actor Michael Dorn on Being A Vegan

Added by 6 years ago

Phoebe Chongchua talks with actor Michael Dorn about being a vegan. Why is vegan eating so good for you? Watch the video to find out. Video produced by http://www.LiveFitMagazine.com Information

Why a Plant-Based Diet?

Added by 6 years ago

Why a Plant-Based Diet? Eating whole-based organic foods can completely transform your life! Just try it and see the difference in how you feel and how it improves the overall health of your body.

Michael Dorn And The Plant Based Diet

Added by 5 years ago

I wish I would've known this nine years ago when my father was dying from prostate cancer. Michael Dorn tells me what caused him to become a vegan. Video produced by http://LiveFitFilms.com

San Diego Veg Festival This Saturday November 9, 2013

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Our sister Channel http://Youtube.com/ThePlantBasedTV produced this video podcast. The San Diego Veg Festival is this coming November 9, 2013. Our video production company, Live Fit Films, is a media partner. On The P...

Green After-Workout Protein Shake

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After a powerful workout your body needs a good, healthy meal right away. Live Fit Magazine's Physically Fit Tips, Whole foods can be good but not necessarily immediately following a workout. They can be slow to diges...

The Plant-Based Diet: Celebrities Share Their Health Tips

Added by 5 years ago

In this episode, TV host, Phoebe Chongchua explores the plant-based diet and its benefits. We also go inside a Pilates studio to show you how you no longer have to do sit ups to get that six pack! Celebrities Michael ...

Delicious Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili

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This recipe is simple to make and delicious to eat. I love this on a cold day but it's even tasty on warm day too. We use a secret ingredient to season it...watch the video to see and enjoy! More recipes at http://Th...

The Plant Cafe Organic–Delicious & Healthy Eating

Added by 4 years ago

This is a favorite spot of mine when I'm in San Francisco. I love it because it's right on the water and you can eat a plant-based meal or get great organic meat...so everyone is happy. Check out what they cooked up f...