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Salmon Roulade With Leeks and Gazpacho Sauce

Added by 5 years ago

Late Chef and culinary innovator, Patrick Clark, had a penchant for teaching and sharing his ideas with fellow chefs, employees and his culinary students. It is in this spirit of sharing that we give you our take on P...

Keep Fit With Phoebe With The Pilates Leg Pull Up

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This is a great classic Pilates exercise. I love it. Try it... you will feel the difference. Always consult with a physician before beginning any new workout routine.

Three Mushroom Risotto (as seen on the Live Fit Magazine Show)

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Chef Bernard prepares a tasty Risotto. As he says, "Yummmmy!" Serves 4 family style 2 ½ cups chicken stock 1/4 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup minced shallots 1 cup king oyster mushrooms, trimmed, sliced ...

The Plant-Based Diet Visits The Center For Living In Harmony

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The Plant-Based Diet Show goes on location to a non-profit farm and healing retreat in Valley Center. Watch as we explore The Center For Living In Harmony with program director, Anna Allen. Phoebe Chongchua gets up cl...

Keep Fit With Phoebe: Push Up & Leg Combo Workout

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This is a fantastic workout that combines some Pilates moves with the traditional push up. Full-body workouts that get your heart rate up help to tone and slim the body. This one is sure to help. Consult a doctor b...

Eating Fish Good for Eyes?

Added by 6 years ago

What can fish do for you? So, Bugs Bunny says it's carrots, but a study reports yet another good reason to eat fish. The report shows that for women whose diet was rich in omega-3 fatty acids (commonly found in fish) ...