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Actor Michael Dorn on Being A Vegan

Added by 7 years ago

Phoebe Chongchua talks with actor Michael Dorn about being a vegan. Why is vegan eating so good for you? Watch the video to find out. Video produced by http://www.LiveFitMagazine.com Information

Delicious Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili

Added by 6 years ago

This recipe is simple to make and delicious to eat. I love this on a cold day but it's even tasty on warm day too. We use a secret ingredient to season it...watch the video to see and enjoy! More recipes at http://Th...

Go Green: How To Make A Plant-Based Shake

Added by 5 years ago

Great way to start your morning or after-workout shake. The Vega One plant-based nutritional shake is good all on its own but I like to add a few ingredients to enhance it. Try whipping it up with some alkaline powder...

How To Make Vegetarian Sushi

Added by 4 years ago

Jeff Roberto from Sushi On A Roll shows us how to make vegetarian sushi for The Plant-Based Challenge. Join the movement...Eat Fit, Get Fit, Live Fit on The Plant-Based Diet. Sushi On A Roll is a proud sponsor of T...

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

Added by 7 years ago

Craving french fries? Phoebe Chongchua bakes garlic coated sweet potato fries in olive oil for an irresistibly healthy snack. See more recipes at http://LiveFitMagazine.com

The Plant-Based Challenge: Juice Recipe

Added by 5 years ago

Kale, Apple, Garlic Power Boost Nutrition Drink. Made purely by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. By 2013 nearly 50% of Californians are expected to be obese. That's due to a SAD diet and sedentary lifestyle. Learn...

What To Buy On The Plant-Based Diet

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See a full list of must-have foods at The Plant-Based Diet. What to buy and where to shop on The Plant-Based Diet. Phoebe Chongchua heads to the Farmer's Market to stock her pantry for the week.

Why The Plant-Based Diet?

Added by 7 years ago

Why a Plant-Based Diet? Eating whole-based organic foods can completely transform your life! Just try it and see the difference in how you feel and how it improves the overall health of your body.