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Core Principles of Pilates–Good Life Lessons

Added by 7 years ago

I am going through my Pilates mat certification training and it occurred to me why I really love this exercise. You see, I started on the reformers (equipment), learning not only about Pilates through my trainer Dave ...

The Pilates 100

Added by 7 years ago

Feeling helpless from years of back pain? This amazing Pilates exercise helped Phoebe Chongchua's ailing back, not just slightly, but completely. Here she shows us one of the core exercises that helped her recover.

Keep Fit With Phoebe With The Pilates Leg Pull Up

Added by 5 years ago

This is a great classic Pilates exercise. I love it. Try it... you will feel the difference. Always consult with a physician before beginning any new workout routine.

How To Do Pilates Teaser III

Added by 5 years ago

I love Pilates exercises. Having a gymnastics background these exercises remind me of my floor routines. I especially like that no extra equipment is needed, just you and the floor...or in this case, the beach! Join T...