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Rug Tips and No Sales Tax On Your Next Purchase in July

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Walking into a rug showroom can be an overwhelming experience. But don't worry, Live Fit Magazine teams up with interior designer, Wendy Frampton as she gives our Outrageous Rugs contest winner quick tips for choosing...

Rug Basics: Buying The Right Rug For Your Home

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Want to give your home a new look? Get redecorating tips from interior designer, Sandra Wagenaar, and Outrageous Rugs. Redecorating with just some paint and area rugs can create a brand new look. Find out how the expe...

How Much Do College Grads Spend On Home Décor?

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Retailers may be in luck. Home furnishing stores are popular with college students and graduates. We follow three recent college grads as they're on the hunt for home decor. This back-to-school season, indicate that 1...

Shag Rugs Making A Comeback; Save 10% On Your Purchase

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The Shag is making a comeback and today there are more options and styles than ever before. From rasta-style shags to luxurious area rugs that are a delight to sink your toes in, Phoebe Chongchua of Live Fit Magazine ...

Rug Clearance Sale: Tufenkian Rugs & More At Outrageous Discounts

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Rugs can create a beautiful focal point in your home. Rugs are one of the only pieces of home decor that often lasts a lifetime, if you buy a high-quality rug. Shop at  Outrageous Rugs at 7126 Miramar Rd. for amazing ...

Rug Spring Collection: See What’s Hot!

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The spring rug collection at Outrageous Rugs in San Diego. Color, texture, and simple care. These styles are HOT! 7126 Miramar Rd.

Go Natural With Rugs

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We Dare You To Go A La Natural! This fall Outrageous Rugs is going natural (with rugs that is) and we're making it tantalizing for you to go a la natural as well. We're talking about natural fibers that feel great ...

Outrageous Rugs: Quality Rugs That Bring Home Decor To Life

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Video of the Internet has changed the way consumers shop but some items are best seen in person. That's the case for rug buying. Find out how you can create high-quality looks by mixing machine-made, hand-made, and ev...