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Ayla Skye’s New Book: Slims Waistline and Fattens Wallet

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Video of Ayla Skye launches her new book, The Eat From Home Diet. It promises to slim your waistline and fatten your wallet. Live Fit Magazine talks to Ayla about her new book, her elite training for the U.S. Olympics...

Green After-Workout Protein Shake

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After a powerful workout your body needs a good, healthy meal right away. Live Fit Magazine's Physically Fit Tips, Whole foods can be good but not necessarily immediately following a workout. They can be slow to diges...

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

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Craving french fries? Phoebe Chongchua bakes garlic coated sweet potato fries in olive oil for an irresistibly healthy snack. See more recipes at http://LiveFitMagazine.com

Why The Plant-Based Diet?

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Why a Plant-Based Diet? Eating whole-based organic foods can completely transform your life! Just try it and see the difference in how you feel and how it improves the overall health of your body.