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Support your Business Travel with Mobile and Cloud Applications

woman writing a text message with her cellphoneIf you’re like the average U.S. business traveler, you’re on the road on average four times every six months and have mixed feelings about leaving the office. Improving your business and network is great, but the time away from the office can cause stress and inconvenience. The last thing you need while traveling is a disorganized system for maintaining daily operations that detracts from your success. Perform your best with new mobile device management software that will allow you to focus on the new opportunities developing around you.

Portable Internet Tethering Smartphone Applications

When traveling, you may be caught between Wi-Fi services when you need to log on with your laptop. Some cellular phone services allow you to use your smartphone as a modem but the cost is higher than most people would want to pay. This has led several technology companies to develop smartphone applications that accomplish the same goal for a nominal fee, which is great for working around the high hotel Internet fees. PDANet and ClockworkMo are two of the leading applications that work on Blackberry, iPhone and Android systems and Mac and PC devices.

In-flight Business Features

If you like or need to work during your flight, a roomier seat with accompanying Wi-Fi, meals and other accommodations can help you accomplish your goals. However, these features for most airlines are all over the map. Routehappy, a flight reservation website, sorts plane tickets by the aforementioned “happiness factors” that can make the legs of your journey as productive as your office hours.

Cloud File Storage

Accessing files from a desktop computer is effortless with cloud file storage websites, such as Dropbox, that allow you to access and share files and folders with colleagues. Manage your workflow with the secure file storage system. The business version tracks user activity, and can be accessed or operated by an administrator or user at all times.

Website Monitoring System

If your website’s server should crash, be the first to know about it. Monitor server performance and website metrics on the road with ease with the Pingdom and ScoutApp cloud services and applications that have affordable monthly pricing options for small and medium-size businesses.

Client Account Management

Salesforce is a leading cloud service and app that helps you organize and recall customer activity on the road. Look up customer profiles and have informed discussions remotely without missing a step.

Business Card Organizer

Remember names and access contact details with an application, such as CamCard, that scans business cards, stores details, organizes your business network and backs up data on the cloud.

Conference Call

Skype not only offers free caller-to-caller computer-based telephone calls, its conference feature allows you to conduct meetings with the benefit of screen sharing and face time.

Event Application

If your organization is hosting a meeting or conference, a variety of event software companies can develop a custom application that connects attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors. A convenient Guidebook infographic compares the options by feature and price.

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