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Video of the Internet has changed the way consumers shop but some items are best seen in person. That’s the case for rug buying. Find out how you can create high-quality looks by mixing machine-made, hand-made, and even custom rugs throughout your home.
Outrageous Rugs in San Diego has been in business since 1988. Phoebe Chongchua with Live Fit Magazine sat down with Co-President, Steve Blumkin, to learn about how the industry has changed and how buyers can now get some of the most beautiful rugs in the world at extremely affordable prices.

New business start-ups fell from 4.1 million in 1994 to 2.5 million in 2010. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 2010 had the lowest number of new establishments (small businesses) starting up since the data tracking began in 1994.

With the poor economic conditions our country has faced, it’s not surprising that wanna-be entrepreneurs are nervous to venture out on their own. Those who do often struggle to find a way to make ends meet as they are met with consumer spending contraction in uncertain financial times.

However, some local businesses have found a success formula that not only allows them to keep their business doors open but also to thrive despite the downturn in the economy.

After escaping from the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Rose Blumkin embarked on following the American dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She eventually passed along her strong work ethic and skills in the textile industry to her grandson, Steve Blumkin, who credits his passion for his business to Rose.

Steve Blumkin, Outrageous RugsBlumkin opened the doors of his floor decor business, Outrageous Rugs, a San Diego-based company, in 1988. Since then the company has been unpacking, rolling out rugs and placing custom, machine-made, and fine rugs in happy customers’ homes.

Part of what’s kept this local, family-run business thriving is a committment to make the customer happy. New technology has changed the business from what it was decades ago. Today, Outrageous Rugs understands that customers have many choices other than the brick and mortar stores that exist within close proximity. The Internet has unraveled the rug business for some companies but not Outrageous Rugs.

“The Internet has definitely changed the landscape of the business. If a consumer has seen something on the Internet, they’ve already kind of told us what kind of style they like,” says Blumkin.

But what the consumer can’t discover by viewing rugs online is the true quality and color of the rugs. And that’s when Outrageous Rugs is there to help.

“Seeing a real textile [in person] makes a difference,” says Blumkin. The company stands behind the quality of its rugs. Often the Internet can show a picture of a rug that looks fabulous online but once the shipment is received, it’s not always up to the customer’s standards.

“Anything that comes in this store is tried. It’s tested for performance, for wearability, and for cleanability. We only carry really good quality products,” says Blumkin.

With new rugs being added to the collection daily, customers have numerous choices. But, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, Outrageous Rugs offers custom design with customized budgets to suit your needs. And today, many of the custom rugs are made in the U.S., which helps avoid the extra expenses associated with shipping and manufacturing.

The thread that binds this successful company is, “Hard work, loving what you do, and treating people well. It’s how you get ahead,” says Blumkin.

At Outrageous Rugs you’re guaranteed the VIP treatment while you search their collections of exquisite quality rugs at unbeatable prices.

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