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Movie Review: Mirror, Mirror

I’m always looking for good movies to watch with my kids, movies that not only will they enjoy, but a movie that doesn’t actually have me daydreaming about all the things I could be doing instead of watching it! So when we noticed Mirror, Mirror was available on On-Demand, it seemed like the perfect movie for us. My kids had wanted to see it when it was in theaters, and it was appealing to me, as well.

Mirror, Mirror is basically the story of Snow White with a twist. This seems to be the trend right now in Hollywood, turning well-loved fairytales into comedy dramas with well-known actors and an extension/diversion from the original story. Examples of this include Tangled, Enchanted, and EverAfter, all movies I thoroughly enjoyed.

What made Mirror Mirror so great begins with the casting. 

Let’s start with Julia Roberts. Perfect pick for this role! She has an amazing ability to be so loveable on camera in certain flicks such as Eat, Pray, Love. Yet, Roberts can also be a huge bitch (which she was in Mirror, Mirror.) So, I’ll just say, right off the bat, producers nailed the casting on that one.

Then there was Snow White, played by Lily Collins, who I’d never seen or heard of before. WOW! She was absolutely beautiful in a very pure way. Wait, did I just describe Snow White?? But here’s what I liked so much. The writers and the director/producers made this girl tough. She was a fighter, she was feisty, she had guts! And I loved seeing such a sweet, delicate, sheltered girl turn into a ballbuster. I especially enjoyed the scene where she was fencing with the prince (played by Armie Hammer) and actually winning the battle. Adorable.

So, let’s talk about the prince. I just looked up Armie Hammer (never saw or heard of him either until this movie) and found out his father is on the board of the Armand Hammer foundation, (I believe it was started by Armand Hammer, founder of Occidental Petroleum, and 0f the baking soda company too.) Again, great pick. Why? Because the prince is an absolutely gorgeous, sheltered, rich kid, who has been trained to do everything in life, but who has no practical experience and is basically a quirky, clueless, loveable, cute guy with flaws. (Just like I imagine Hammer in real life–sorry if I’m judging, but come on.)

Then there were the dwarfs. ADORABLE!! These guys were so much fun to watch, very loveable, and their relationship with Snow White was as sweet as it was in the fairytale.

Mirror, Mirror has everything. It’s got humor, very loveable characters, a mean witch (attributed to good acting and writing), a love story that’s based on more than love at first sight, a goofy but adorable prince, and a heroine who is perfectly beautiful, yet tough as nails on the inside, full of ambition and courage, but who still has the ability to be filled with love and warmth as well.

One last thing. Why do movie writers always feel the need to kill the real mother right at the beginning of the story, and replace her with a wicked stepmother?? Makes things kind of tough for us women who are dating guys with kids! No wonder they’re  skeptical of daddy’s girlfriend!! LOL!

Mirror, Mirror: great rental for the whole family. Kids will love it, and so will Mom and Dad.

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