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As we’re preparing 2014’s holiday gift guide…browse some timeless gifts from last year’s Phoebe’s Picks that still make my shopping list!

The holiday season is upon us which means time for giving back, giving gifts, and showing others how much you care for them. Sometimes we can cause unneeded stress over fretting about finding the perfect gift for our friends and family that we forget that it should be a fun and enjoyable experience!

christmas gifts 2010At the same time, you don’t want to give them just any gift; you want to give a gift that is memorable and life-changing, one that keeps on giving and is sure to “wow” whomever you give it to. So fret no more, because we have found some really fun gifts and narrowed them down to 20. We have a little bit of something for everyone. Be inspired by our top 20 picks! Also, get our Holiday Gift Guide links to learn more about product in video.

  1. Runner’s Guide To Yoga: A Practical Approach To Building Strength And Flexibility For Better Running by Sage Rountree. Click here to view.
  2. ButterMeUpOrganics Charcoal Face Mask on Etsy. Click here to view.
  3. North Face fleece jacket. Click here to view.
  4. Anatomy For Yoga With Paul Grilley DVD. Click here to view.
  5. Tickets to a a zoo or museum.
  6. bkr Glass Bottles from Click here to view.*
  7. No Worries! Five Steps To Peace, Even In Chaos, (book) by Phoebe Chongchua. Click here to view.
  8. Yoga Kit For Her. Click here to view.Anatomy For Yoga on
  9. Yoga Kit For Him. Click here to view.
  10. DIY Lemon Mint Sugar Scrub. Click here for tutorial.
  11. Anthropologie Monogram Mugs. Click here to view.
  12. Japanese Teapot Set. Click here to view.
  13. DIY Canvas Photo Prints Or Collage. Click here for tutorial.
  14. Hockey Tickets. Click here to order.
  15. Apple Tree Growing Kit. Click here to order.
  16. DIY Christmas Globes. Click here for tutorial.
  17. A personal massage at a local spa.
  18. DIY encouraging letters to be opened at specified times.
  19. House Of Blues Concert Tickets. Click here to view.
  20. DIY Hand-Painted Mug Tutorial. Click here for tutorial.

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Links To Featured Gifts In The Holiday Gift Guide Video

  1.  Mala Beads. Click here to view.
  2. Nordstrom Bracelet. Click here to view.
  3. QR Bracelet. Click here to view.
  4. Rodney Yee Yoga For Energy And Stress Relief. Click here to view.
  5. Lululemon Bag. Click here to view.HipsSister Pack on Live Fit Magazine
  6. Legwarmers. Click here to view.
  7. Om Bag. Click here to view.
  8. Sweater. Click here to view
  9. Hips Sisters Pack. Click here to view.
  10. IntelliSkin Sports Bra. Click here to view.
  11. Brevill Juicer. Click here to view.
  12. Mio Watch. Click here to view.
  13. Urban Outfitters Camping Stool. Click here to view
  14. Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. Click here to view.
  15. Urban Outfitters Instant Printer. Click here to view.
  16. JBL Pocket Speaker. Click here to view.

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