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Landing Your Dream Job In An Uncertain Economy

In this economy, finding employment is no longer a simple task, let alone finding employment in your dream job. Companies are shutting down, making drastic financial cuts, and simply not hiring. The cost of living is increasing and gone are the days when graduating with a degree will ensure you a financially stable future. Those with theater degrees are working at local banks, veterinary majors are working in fast food restaurants, and some are struggling to find any sort of job.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Four candidates competing for one position. Having CV in his handHowever, while being employed and accepted into your desired career field is more difficult, it is not altogether impossible. It will require more research, determination, and strategy.

Education is one of the first steps to landing your desired career, but not in the way you may think. Being educated is essential, but one must be strategic in what kind of education you receive. I am not suggesting that only students who graduate from Ivy League schools will be successful; nowadays, even Ivy League Graduates are having difficulty being employed. It is more important to do research and find out which schools are having  students graduate and employed at the companies or specific career avenues you want.

It is also essential to look at the career you are interested in and find out what requirements, qualities, and experience is needed to be a good candidate for employment. Many employers are more willing to choose someone with experience over someone who has a degree because not all degrees train you in the practical life skills they need an employee to have.

That is why interning or volunteering is an important step in landing your dream job. Internships and volunteer work allow you to not only experience what it will be like working in your specified field, but it is practical and trains you in applicable skills that textbooks can’t necessarily do. It also has the potential of building connections with people which can come in handy later on.

You can also increase your education and build connections by contacting companies who you would potentially be interested in working for, get advice, and even build relationships with them. Ask them questions about how they got into their position, what is it like to have a job in that career, and what skills are required.

When it comes time for you to actually apply to a job, know how to create a good resume, write articulately, and know how to make a good impression during an interview.

Interviewing can sometimes be the scariest part of gaining employment, especially if it is in a position you really want and are passionate about. Yes, it is important to be professional, but it is even more important to also be true to who you are. Your uniqueness is what will make you memorable. It starts by being honest and confident that you are the right candidate for the job not only because of your qualifications, but because of your passion and desire for the job. That is what they are looking for and that is how you will gain employment


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