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IntelliSkin Sports Bra Review: Gives You a Lift

As a multimedia journalist, I spend countless hours in front of a computer screen as well as behind and in front of a camera. Needless to say, the long hours and video shooting take its toll on my body. Over the years I’ve tried many remedies for an ailing back with some success.

My pain is most often confined to my neck and shoulders–likely a result of the poor posture that is brought on by computer use. Even when my workstation is ergonomically set up, I find as the day wears on I am leaning into the screen and my shoulders roll forward.

Usually a break from the desk is what’s needed most but rarely acted upon. Instead I endure and push right into the pain. But a few weeks ago, I received a sports bra in the mail. IntelliSkin had engineered a type of sports bra that is designed to improve your posture. My first thought? Good gimmick but how could a sports bra really help my aching shoulders? As a fitness host and fitness enthusiast , I’d worn many sports bras during many types of workouts from running to kick-boxing to Yoga to Pilates and none changed my posture.

The first sports bra IntelliSkin sent me was a black nylon top with a mesh backing–it didn’t appear that different from other sports bras and it went on just as awkwardly. Tight and difficult to pull over my chest but once on, WOW! It felt like there was someone gently pulling my shoulders into alignment and lifting my chest. My posture was fantastic. I wore the sports bra all day (even though I wasn’t working out, I was mostly at the computer)… I felt fabulous. Getting it off was another tight squeeze.

IntelliSkin Sports Bra

Then before I had written my review, the company, as though reading my mind, had released a newer revised version of the IntelliSkin Empower PostureCue ™ Sports Bra. This one with a full-length, zippered front–genius!

I would not have bought the previous version because even though I experienced relief once the sports bra was on, getting to that point was a pain in itself.  I quickly opened the new full-length, zippered IntelliSkin Empower PostureCue ™ Sports Bra and easily slipped it on. What a joy. The fit was even better. The previous version, because there was no zipper, cut into my under arms a bit–not horribly but it did make it a little uncomfortable. The zippered version allowed me to keep the thin foam padded cups that come with the bra in place as I put it on. This was a huge plus because–no kidding–in the non-zippered version I struggled with those pads for about 30 minutes… just couldn’t get them to stay in place or put in place once the bra was on. But the zippered re-design solved the problem.

Again, I wore the sports bra at the computer and even thought about wearing it under my clothes the next day while I was on a TV shoot. It’s a little bigger than a normal bra so it didn’t quite look right. Plus it’s black and would show through what I was wearing. I did miss the comfort. Even my most comfortable bra doesn’t help my posture the way the IntelliSkin Empower PostureCue ™ Sports Bra does.

As soon as I could, I slipped on my sports bra and tried it out in several fitness workouts. First a good hour-long hike. Score: 10. No discomfort, no rubbing under my arms. The weather was warm. I hiked in the early evening and the black attracted the sun. The mesh back seemed to help a little.

Then I tried it on the Elliptical. Perfect. This sports bra was becoming a favorite in my fitness wardrobe. Next, I wore it during Pilates and Yoga. I thought the zipper would bother me during some of the stomach moves but I breezed through them and didn’t even really notice it.

What perhaps most impressed me was how the IntelliSkin Empower PostureCue ™ Sports Bra seemed to help my fatigued muscles. I wondered if this were my imagination or subconscious influenced by the effect of superb marketing. I explored the company’s website to see how it was designed and learned that Dr. Tim Brown, a doctor, is the inventor of this technology.

The patent-pending design is for the sports bra and other fitness clothing for both genders. Many professional athletes like renowned surfer, Kelly Slater, wear and support other versions of the posture-improving fitness clothing.

After watching videos and seeing how it works along with my firsthand experience, I am convinced the IntelliSkin Empower PostureCue ™ Sports Bra offers much more than just fitness apparel. Specially designed and positioned posture panels offer dynamic structural support. In the case of the sports bra, supporting back muscles helps support a woman’s chest. The technology also lends support to overused and tired muscles. Additionally, it helps tone the muscles that help athletes achieve proper posture and performance.

The IntelliSkin Empower PostureCue ™ Sports Bra is a huge success and delivers exactly what it promises: relief, improved posture, and support for tired muscles. Live Fit Magazine is proud to say this is a Phoebe’s Pick for fitness apparel. You’ll be happy to find it gives your back extra comfort, support, and even better performance in your workouts and your daily living.  Make the investment, the zippered sports bra costs about $100; your back will thank you.


Editor’s Note: IntelliSkin provide Live Fit Magazine with the IntelliSkin Empower PostureCue ™ Sports Bra for this review.

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