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Pet safety during construction is a number one priority for homeowners but many don’t realize how their furry friends will behave. Having new people in and around your home is hard enough. When the construction noise starts that can cause your pet to run away. That’s what happened to Koby. Thankfully, Marrokal Design & Remodeling had a solution. Check out these tips for keeping your pets safe during a remodel.

We’re a pet-loving country. It’s estimated that four out of every 10 U.S. households own a dog and about the same figure applies for cats. When it comes to keeping our furry friends safe, pet owners will do just about anything.

However, sometimes we just don’t know the dangers that are lurking and that’s when we can neglect to give the proper care. During a remodel, pets can get scared or agitated and their behavior can cause them to act out or even run away.

Check out this homeowner’s happy-ending to what could have otherwise been a tragic story. But, thanks to quick action, all is well for adorable Koby and his owner. And they now have a beautifully remodeled home too!

Video Script

VO: It has to be one of the scariest moments for a pet owner.

SOT Mark Dallezotte: I watched him as he ran down the street and I watched some of the workers chase after him too. And he darted right through the traffic. We’re just lucky he wasn’t run over.

VO: Mark Dallezotte was having his home remodeled a second time by Marrokal Design & Remodeling. But it was three-year-old Koby’s first experience with construction.

SOT Mark: The framing and the nail guns and a lot of the banging was going on inside the house and it scared the dog.

SOT John Smiko: It was a surprise to us as well as to Mark the homeowner. And the solution ended up being a combination of doggy daycare, for days when Mark wasn’t around, and then also this enclosure so that when Mark was around we knew that the dog would be safe.

VO: When there are disruptions to routine… like construction, the San Diego Humane Society says pets need more care to keep them safe.

SOT Kelli Schry/SD Humane Society: It’s really important to give them a safe place that they can stay in. Give them an area that has toys, maybe some enrichment activities to keep them busy. Turn on music or a TV to drown out some of the noises of the remodel.

VO PC: And before you let your pet out, have a good look around.

SOT Kelli: Make sure you look for any nails or any exposed equipment or anything that can be harmful to your pet before bringing your pet back into your home.

SOT Mark: There are always challenges but the final product is very good. This is the second time Marrokal has worked on my home. The first time they put the second story on. The second time here was remodeling the downstairs and pushing the front of the house out. Before I didn’t have a dog at the last remodel but this time I did. It was a little unexpected of what he would be going through. He would walk around every day wondering what was going on…what the heck is happening here.

SOT Gary Marrokal/President Marrokal Design & Remodeling: On our projects, it’s very important to our company and especially my wife and I, Becky, real important that when we’re doing our project and there’s a lot of disturbance, that pets have a safe haven area.

SOT Mark: Well, it said that they were concerned that the safety of the animal was of importance. It was a good feeling to know that he was concerned about this.

VO: A happy ending for homeowner Mark and his best bud. I’m Phoebe Chongchua for Live Fit Magazine.

Video made possible by Marrokal Design & Remodeling.



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