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The average home can sit on the market for weeks while sellers aim to get one price and buyers hope for another. The process of negotiating to buy a home can drag on and, ultimately, result in a non-sale, leaving both sides disappointed.

This dark period of closed negotiation doesn’t help anyone,” says Talechia Plumlee, Owner/Realtor of Harcourts Ranch & Coast.

Her office is among the first brokerages in San Diego to adopt a new method, live auctions for selling non-distressed homes.

“We’re turning on the lights, opening the doors, and letting the transparent process of real estate negotiations take place at live auctions,” says Plumlee.

The live auction program is essentially breaking down the barriers, creating open communication and a competitive edge in the marketplace for buyers to see exactly how much their competition is offering for a home.

Plumlee’s firm has already scheduled many homes to be sold via this proven method using a top auctioneer from Australia who has relocated to California to build the auction program here. Ben Brady of Harcourts Brady & Co Auctions will conduct the auctions at the Hacksaw Ridge 2016 movie online now

“These homes that we’re putting on the market through live auctions are valued at more than $500,000. The sellers have agreed to a live auction because it’s one of the fastest ways to sell a home to serious and pre-qualified buyers,” says Plumlee.

Brady says live auctions give everyone a “fair and equal right to bid”.

Learn more at Auction My Home San Diego.

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