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How Tara Ardalan Healed Her Winning Horse

Just wanted to give you an update from the show this week (Blenheim Fall Tournament) in San Juan Capistrano:
Miss Blue was 1st place in the 1.35m on Thursday. She was CHAMPION in the 1.35m division & Reserve Champion in the 1.30m division. Professional horse rider, Tara Ardalan is jumping for joy. Her newest horse from Germany, Carlita, won the 1.20m Classic just this week. She also helped heal a horse that performed at the Del Mar Showpark this past summer. Miss Blue was purchased and imported from Europe, from an area where they have very hard water and she suffered kidney stones. Post surgery, Tara kept her on strictly Winner’s Edge Water and her recovery time was remarkable! Just a couple of weeks after the painful experience and surgery, Miss Blue and Tara WON 1st Place at the Showpark Racing Festival in Del Mar, July 2013. In the Blenheim Fall Tournament in San Juan Capistrano, Miss Blue was 1st placed in the 1.35m. She was CHAMPION in the 1.35m division and Reserve Champion in the 1.30m division. Watch her story.

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