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The soft green leaves of summer are slowly turning a crisp golden brown and, like the weather, the summer styles are drawing to a close. Don’t despair! That means it’s time to look for some new fall trends.

But don’t think because summer is ending, you must retire your favorite shorts and sundresses. You can make your summer wardrobe work in the fall too. All you have to do is learn to layer.

SML Fashion with friendThe past year has shown a great interest in high-waisted shorts and they’ll remain very trendy in the winter months as well. So, show off your summer tan in the fall by wearing them with light sweaters or long sleeve button-ups. This allows you to show off your legs while remaining warm as the weather cools. Another tip is to wear your cutest summer dress–with a leather jacket. This style creates a great contrast of sweet and edgy.

Here are some stylish trends that you may want to think about when you’re shopping for your fall clothes.

Layer: It’s all about the layering. Pair different prints, colors, styles, etc. Mix and match styles and items to create different looks and outfits that are outrageous, cute, and original. In this case, the more the merrier!

Parachute pants: they are making their comeback! Be the first to show them off!

Body-hugging miniskirts: These are perfect to have because they can be worn with almost anything, tights, elegant tops, sweaters, you name it!

Get the Madonna look: some of Madonna’s trends are back as well. Be on the look out  for lace tops and see-through sweaters inspired by the one and only hit star of the 80s and beyond.

SML Fun Fashion

Maxi-skirts: They are long, elegant, chic, and just plain beautiful. They’re perfect for those chilly days when you are not in the mood for jeans yet it’s too cold to go bare. Wear these floor-length skirts with boots or sandals (and let you toes peek out). Very chic!

Doc Martens and Combat Boots: Both are classics that with add some edge to any outfit and are perfect for the coming fall. They will look adorable crunching through the fall leaves.

Stand-out/staple items: Look for a couple of items that really stand out to you or something that can be a staple in your wardrobe. These items are key to your style. They’ll last through all the seasons and over many years. Think: that sassy coat,  sexy vest, hip boots–you got the idea.

Be Different: I am not about conforming to certain styles. The more different, odd, and original the outfit–the better in my opinion. This year try and find items no one else would wear. This way you will stand out from the sea of ever-popular jeans and basic tops.

Really focus on your own style and purchase items that you are really drawn too–even if they’re a bit outrageous!

With summer drawing to a close we begin our annual back to school shopping trips. Instead of going to the same old places once again try a random store at the mall, visit a thrift store, or those little hidden boutiques tucked away on an alley street. You might just find something original and at a great price!

Next week, instead of going to the mainstream retail stores, I’ll be heading north to downtown Los Angeles to find some cute new items in the inexpensive boutiques. I’ll share my treasures with you in my upcoming column. As always, I’d love to hear from you…so go ahead post a comment!

Thanks for reading! More fall trends and ideas coming soon.

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