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Fishy Pedicures?

This is just one of those are-you-kidding-me kind of stories. Florida regulators have banned a certain type of pedicure treatment that involves having fish nibble dead skin from the feet or other parts of the body, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The Asociated Press reports that the reason for the ban is because the water that the fish are in cannot be disinfected before the next client’s feet go in it. But some salons believe this is a successful way to remove dead skin from their clients’ feet. Well, guess it saves on labor… wonder if there’s a fish union? Guess the real fish benefit is the epicurean delight.

This unusual trend reminds me of the movie Finding Nemo and the scene where the bottom-feeder shrimp are cleaning up the windows of the old ship-wrecked carcass. Apparently, this type of pedicure is popular in Asia and has spread to some U.S. cities (Virgina for one). So, if you’ve had a fishy pedicure, drop me an email, I’m curious to know:

  • does it hurt?
  • what kind of job those fish do?
  • what type of fish do the nibbling?
  • do your feet stink more than when you came in to get the pedicure?

While I wait for those emails to pour in, I did a little Internet research. A salon in Virginia uses this method and this school of fish ain’t stupid. They’re called “doctor fish”! The salon owner is quoted as saying, “This is a good treatment for everyone who likes to have nice feet.”

And according to the owner, the carp fish have no teeth so they can’t bite live flesh (whew!). By the way, they say it doesn’t hurt–it tickles.

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