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Fall Fashion Heats Up

I always wonder why on earth do we go back to school in mid-August while the weather is still beautiful and warm? It does not start to cool down here in San Diego until late October. So how do you show off your fall fashion in this summer heat? Also, what should guys wear? I turn to Katie, Kia, and Georgio for help showing off some hot looks

Here are some ideas on how to feel comfortable in light-weight clothing that still looks good in the fall:
High-waisted shorts and sheer tights: light and perfect for the transition to the cold winter air. This creates a perfect vintage look.

Lace maxi-skirt: wear with a fitted miniskirt or shorts underneath; it creates a very unique look that is great for the fall. If it’s a little more chilly try wearing tights underneath instead.

Knit/crochet Items: layer over almost anything and it will look cute in the fall colors and keep you warm. Wear two different knit items to go for a more unique look.

Vests: they keep you warm without making you too hot and look cute over tank tops , dresses, or long-sleeved shirts. They are the perfect item to always keep handy during the fall.

Light-weight cardigans: they are good for those chilly libraries but not too heavy that  you have to take them off when you go outdoors. They come in so many different styles and colors you can wear them with anything!

SML Fall Fashion

For the guys:

Long-sleeves made short: rolling up the sleeves of a button-up shirt makes the outfit look casual and comfortable, which is good for the transitioning weather.

Fitted t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts: always good and comfortable to keep handy throughout the school year.

Light-weight jackets: good to throw on over a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt depending on the weather.

No matter what you wear you always want to be comfortable. Wear what feels like you and, no matter, what you will always look great. Be comfortable and your confidence will radiate through your fashion!

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