Added by on July 15, 2011

Embrace All of You-Achieve Your Dreams By Staying Positive

The next time you think “I wish I were a size 2”, consider this. The average US woman’s weight is 168 pounds.

So if you’re wanting to lose weight, unsatisfied with where you are today, here’s a tip. Embrace your weight and looks in this moment. Be thankful for where you are right now. Then make a plan for change but one that comes from a supportive, loving attitude.

You can achieve your ideal weight but you cant achieve your dreams from an attitude of dislike or a feeling of lack.

The more we concentrate on resisting something like our weight, the more the problem persists.

Embrace your body physique as it is today but plan for tomorrow. In other words, dreams and goals are vital to living well but fueling them with a hatred for where you are today will only drive a wedge between where you are and what you want to achieve.

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