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For decades families have come to Peltzer Pines to cut their own Christmas Tree. This year the Donauhe family is the winner of Peltzer Pines’ Cut Your Christmas Tree contest.

Being together and creating lasting memories is the most important thing to this family. This holiday season bring your family to experience Peltzer Pines. The smell of fresh Christmas trees in the air and a maze of beautiful pine trees are sure to make your holiday season full of joy.

Peltzer Pines has two farms in Brea and Silverado, California. The family-run business (four generations strong) is headed up by Charles T. Peltzer II.Family Wins Cut Your Own Tree Contest on PCIN.TV

Each tree is lovingly cared for from its beginning as just a seed that is specially ordered from New Zealand and then planted in the Peltzer Pine nursery and finally transplanted to the field for four years of constant care. A few years later, the trees are ready for you to take one home.

Learn more at Peltzer Pines.

Video produced by Live Fit Films.

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