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Live Fit Magazine & Films takes you to the Charger Girls Calendar unveiling in San Diego. Get a preview in this video.

The Charger Girls unveil their season calendar at Donovan’s Prime Seafood. The highly anticipated Charger Girls Calendar is likely to be a popular holiday gift this season.

This year’s calendar cover is incredibly unique. We did a very [industrialized] look which was something new and fun and we shot it at the stadium on our home turf which was a really unique opportunity for the ladies,” said Lisa Simmons, executive director for the Charger Girls.

The 28 ladies featured in the calendar didn’t know which pictures were selected until the unveiling late last week.

The Charger Girls Calendar features all 28 Charger Girls in hip swimsuits and at various locations all over San Diego.

“It’s such an awesome feeling to be in this calendar. It was such a long production and we didn’t get to see anything. So, finally seeing the ending production it was awesome and I’m just so blessed to be on the team,” says Alexis who is June 2012.

The best part, Alexis says, “Definitely the funniest part about the shoot is watching everyone feast after they’re done. We all brought lots of goodies and cupcakes and snacks and it was just so much fun to pig out on all your favorite foods right after you’re done shooting.”

“We do a 16-month spread starting with football season of 2011 and then featuring two girls for every month in 2012,” said Simmons.

Charger Girls Calendars can be purchased at the Charger’s team shop–a portion of the proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

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