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30 Years of Award-Winning Remodeling

Added by 6 years ago

In this video, if you're remodeling your San Diego home then you've probably heard of Marrokal Design & Remodeling. The company started in the East County 30 years ago when its first project was building a chicken...

A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey

Added by 6 years ago

Lori A. Sorbo, author of Eleven Years Later, documents the journey of her battle with breast cancer. An extraordinary tale of the fight to survive and the complications that she endured from her 28 surgeries in 11 yea...

A Kitchen Remodel: Go From Small To Perfect

Added by 5 years ago

A San Diego couple has to make a big decision to remodel their kitchen or sell their home. One major structural problem stands in the way of their remodel. But Marrokal Design & Remodeling comes up with a unique s...

A Uniqe Dining Experience: OrganiKa NYC

Added by 5 years ago

Live Fit Magazine visits OrgnaiKa in New York City. Go into the cozy kitchen for a look at how to make a traditional Italian pasta from Chef Enrico on this segment featured in the Live Fit Magazine Show.

Aspiring Chefs Get Important Lessons In Entrepreneurship

Added by 5 years ago

The San Diego Culinary Institute teaches more than just how to become a chef. According to the school, many aspiring chefs want to open their own restaurant. That requires a business plan and entrepreneurial skills. T...

Athletics Wear Makes You Xecute!

Added by 6 years ago

What you wear when you're working out can help take your workout to the next level. Being comfortable and looking good helps these athletes "Xecute" their moves...and it'll help you too. See the full line of sports w...

Breast Cancer Survivor & Remodeling Company Spread Awareness About Disease

Added by 3 years ago

Long-time San Diego resident, Lynn, was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 20 years ago. Today she educates others about early prevention and helps patients through difficult times. When she had her home remodeled by...

Bridal & Health Expo

Added by 6 years ago

From hand made jewelry, to sizzling dance steps to your very own love story captured on film, Live Fit Magazine  takes you inside the Health, Beauty and Bridal Expo.

Chula Vista: Affordable Homes In A Major Metropolitan City

Added by 5 years ago

The city of Chula Vista is equidistant from the Mexican border and downtown San Diego. It's the second largest city in San Diego and the 21st largest in the state. Live Fit Magazine spoke with Coldwell Banker West Rea...

Culinary Schools Growing in Popularity: So You Wanna Be a Chef?

Added by 5 years ago

The popularity of reality TV cooking shows has made culinary schools an interesting prospective for many people. But what's it really like to be a chef? Is it glamourous and what are the chances of getting your own co...

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Added by 2 years ago

For decades families have come to Peltzer Pines to cut their own Christmas Tree. This year the Donauhe family is the winner of Peltzer Pines’ Cut Your Christmas Tree contest. Being together and creating lasting ...

Dr. Lisa Weiss: Your Vision Source

Added by 5 years ago

Video of why do you need to get your vision checked every year? San Diego Optometrist, Dr. Lisa Weiss explains why the annual exam is vital and how technology and the Vision Source network are helping detect and corre...

Extended-Family Living

Added by 6 years ago

Whether the grandparents are moving in or your grown child is coming home to live with you to cut living expenses, extended-family living is becoming prevalent in these tough economic times. See how one family had a ...

Forman’s Foundation First Anuual Celebrity Golf Tournament

Added by 6 years ago

Touching story of how one man lost his wife, Tracy, to breast cancer and yet only a year later, Mark Forman, organized a large charity event to raise awareness and funds for the ongoing research to find a cure for bre...

Go Natural With Rugs

Added by 5 years ago

We Dare You To Go A La Natural! This fall Outrageous Rugs is going natural (with rugs that is) and we're making it tantalizing for you to go a la natural as well. We're talking about natural fibers that feel great ...

Hajir Nejati: a Mortgage Planner with Your Financial Needs in Mind

Added by 5 years ago

Video of Mortgage Planner, Hajir Nejati of American Capital Corporation, shows how he tailors programs to fit the financial landscape of each clients' needs. Many loan officers aren't exploring all the financial needs...

Honua Kai Resort & Spa–A Dreamy Maui Vacation

Added by 5 years ago

Planning a vacation to Hawaii and you want the comforts of home living with luxury? The new Honua Kai Resort & Spa has you "sitting in the lap of luxury". The two-year old resort sits on 40-acres of the world's mo...

How Much Do College Grads Spend On Home Décor?

Added by 5 years ago

Retailers may be in luck. Home furnishing stores are popular with college students and graduates. We follow three recent college grads as they're on the hunt for home decor. This back-to-school season, indicate that 1...

How Outdoor Living Creates Comfort and Adds Value to Your Home

Added by 5 years ago

Outdoor living spaces will be prominent features in most homes by 2015. How do you design and create the most suitable and enjoyable space? Steven Mark of Marrokal Design & Remodeling talks with Live Fit Magazine'...

How To Buy Your Dream Home In A Live Auction

Added by 2 years ago

The average home can sit on the market for weeks while sellers aim to get one price and buyers hope for another. The process of negotiating to buy a home can drag on and, ultimately, result in a non-sale, leaving both...

How We Create Your Dream Home

Added by 4 years ago

Published on Dec 11, 2012 The process of designing and building your dream home is both fun and exciting. In this video Design Consultant, Steven Mark of Marrokal Design & Remodeling takes your through the st...

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