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Live Fit Magazine Gets Glamourous Like The Stars: hair, beauty, Oscar picks, celeb talk & cocktails

Added by 5 years ago

Who is going to win at the Oscars? Our picks from Cinema Society of San Diego Director, Andy Friedenberg. Also, TV personality, Fred Saxon dishes on his interviews with the stars. Hair and beauty makeovers and tips. P...

Chef Bernard’s Callebaut Chocolate Soufflé

Added by 5 years ago

We already love Chef Bernard but this just sealed the deal. You will melt hearts with this fabulous dessert. Callebaut Chocolate Soufflé Mandarine Napoleon Crème Anglaise Serves 8   Ingredients 3/4 cup gr...

Rev Up Your Love Life With The Live Fit Magazine Valentine’s Show

Added by 5 years ago

Our Valentine's Edition of Live Fit Magazine we're GIVING AWAY AMAZING PRIZES. Live Fit Magazine takes you on board the Inspiration. Hornblower Cruises & Events shares special Valentine's giveaways and a dessert t...

Chef Bernard’s Super Bowl Recipe (as seen in Live Fit Magazine show)

Added by 5 years ago

Javanese Beef Satay Chile Peanut Dipping Sauce Serves 6 Marinade 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil 1 teaspoon grated ginger 1 teaspoon crushed garlic 2 teaspoons brown sugar 1 Thai chili, seeds remove...

Live Fit Magazine: Super Bowl Round Table & Inside an Urban Winery

Added by 5 years ago

In this special Super Bowl edition of Live Fit Magazine we feature a football roundtable with former NFL players. Plus inside Carruth Cellars and urban winery that's the talk the town. And what's going on with the Sur...

Natural Products Expo 2011

Added by 6 years ago

See the latest natural products from ice cream to seaweed baths to edible skincare! Live Fit Magazine takes a look at the Natural Products Expo 2011.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts

Added by 6 years ago

Fushigi Ball Buy it here. Its a ball that defies gravity! What more is there to say? You can order one at Fushigi Ball and experience the magic for yourself. Bring its pull to your holidays celebrations to exper...

Got Gluten? Is Gluten Making You Sick?

Added by 6 years ago

Only a few years ago gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance were unheard of. Today many people not only know about the effects of gluten but are also learning they may suffer from symptoms caused by sensitivity to ...

Forman’s Foundation First Anuual Celebrity Golf Tournament

Added by 6 years ago

Touching story of how one man lost his wife, Tracy, to breast cancer and yet only a year later, Mark Forman, organized a large charity event to raise awareness and funds for the ongoing research to find a cure for bre...

Forman’s Foundation Helps Fill Financial Gap for Breast Cancer Patients

Added by 6 years ago

Breast cancer isn't just a painful disease for those diagnosed and their loved ones, it's also very costly. And many times important tests that are needed to help detect cancer in other areas of the body are not cover...

Celebrities Support Breast Cancer

Added by 7 years ago

A See these celebrities talk to Live Fit Magazine's Phoebe Chongchua about why they support Forman's Foundation To Find A Cure for Breast Cancer at the Celebrity Golf Tournament. See more stories at Forman's Foundatio...

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