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What To Include In Your Call-To-Action (3 of 3 video series)

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In a perfect world…what do you want your audience to do? Hi, I’m Phoebe Chongchua with your Fit Biz Tip. This is the third video in a series of three that focuses on the final phase: the call-to-action. If you’re just...

What’s Your Why? Effectively Telling The Why In Your Videos (video 2 of 3 series)

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Every story has a why? Finding your why is part of good storytelling. The why evolves from the connection between head and heart…a combination of logic and emotion. I’m Phoebe Chongchua, in this week’s Fit Biz Tip…we...

Opening Lines: Hook Viewers: Creating Powerful Videos From The Start (1 of 3 series)

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Opening lines are often underrated, and overlooked. But, don’t kid yourself, they’re vital. In TV newscasts, now, even in podcasts, you’ll hear an opening line from the interviewee before the show begins. The idea beh...

LFF Biz Tip 2: How To Use Content Marketing To Attract Customers

Added by 4 years ago

An equation that's becoming popular today is EC = MC. Every company can be it's own Media Company. These forward-thinking companies use brand journalists to tell their corporate stories in a way that appeals to consum...

How To Use Video To Brand Your Real Estate Business

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Join me at the RE-Brand seminar for real estate professionals in San Diego this Wednesday. As a veteran TV newscaster & reporter, I'll share inside secrets about how to market your business using BRAND JOURNALISM ...

How To Use Video To Market Your Business: Be Your Own Media Company

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How FIT is your brand? Is you company's marketing material nothing more than "junk-food" jargon...meaningless buzz words that deliver little value to consumers? Take a look at this 10-minute keynote presentation from ...

How to Shoot Good Video With A SmartPhone

Added by 5 years ago

Video of how to shoot good video, even if all you have to use is your smartphone. Here are my five favorite tips for getting professional video.

Closed Captioning for TV & Web by Live Fit Films

Added by 6 years ago

Closed captioning is mandatory for TV programming and even some Web videos. It used to be a difficult process. But now, there's a simple, fast solution.<br>Live Fit Magazine &amp; Films can meet all your clo...

We All Need Peace

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Learn the Five Steps to Peace to help balance your life, even in chaos. Penetrate your worries, Envision living better, Act now, Confront fears and Exercise daily. A mind at PEACE has no room for worry. Phoebe Chongch...

How to do an On-Camera Read Without a Teleprompter

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We're going back in time to the old days in this video tip to show you a simple technique that you can do on your own for an on-camera read that will look like you're simply talking to the viewers.

How to Get Video on Your Website

Added by 6 years ago

Don't have video on your website? That's a huge's why and how you can get it.

Author Mary Ellen Comments on Phoebe Chongchua’s book

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Author Mary Ellen Comments on Phoebe Chongchua's book!