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Artist Rebecca Goodman Featured at 3D Revelry –The House of the Future

Added by 7 years ago

Rebecca Goodman is a southern California based artist with a Master of Fine Art degree from San Diego State University's School of Art, Design, and Art History. She has spent much of her life on stage- dancing, acting...

New Chief Curator at MCASD Shares Her Outlook on Art

Added by 7 years ago

The new chief curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego shares her outlook on returning to San Diego, how art is transitioning in SD, and the impact of social media and Internet TV. Plus a look at upcoming e...

Viva LA Revolucion: A Dialogue With the Urban Landscape

Added by 7 years ago

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, says "For the first time in history, the majority of the world's population lives in urban communities." That's fueling contemporary culture and art. MCASD brings Viva la R...

Chargers Mike Scifres Comments on New Season

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Chargers win as more than 62,000 fans watch but the game was blacked out in SD. Earlier this year, Live Fit Magazine caught up with Mike Scifres and talked to him about this season. Here's what he said and who he cred...

Art Fair Strengthens Economy & Local Artists Receive Awards

Added by 7 years ago

And the winners are... The San Diego Fine Art Society Art Awards took place at the Hilton as part of the Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair in September. The four-day event is modeled after Art Basel in Miami but ...

Celebrity Outtakes Reel at Forman’s Golf Tournament 2010

Added by 7 years ago

Footage from the "cutting-room floor"! Live Fit Magazine presents the Celebrity Outtakes Reel...they never looked so good!

Results Are In… Comic Con Boosts San Diego Economy!

Added by 7 years ago

It's more than just comic strips and video games, the Comic Con 2010 convention attracts a diverse group from all over the country including fine art collectors. Now that the convention is over, Phoebe Chongchua of...

Barefoot Violinist Strikes A Chord In Audiences

Added by 7 years ago

An uncomfortable pair of shoes is behind The Barefoot Violinists thriving career. Today, the London born musician and ballet dancer combines two passions to produce one strong message that has evolved over the years. ...

Opera Singing Artist Creates Abstract Masterpiece Paintings

Added by 7 years ago

In this video, Duke Windsor, an artist in the San Diego Fine Art Society's Mentor program has transformed his career after a decade-long series of alleyway paintings. His varied background in still photography for the...

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