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“Bridesmaids” Film–Not Just A Chick Flick

Are you in the mood to sit in front of the TV for two hours giggling and laughing out loud every few minutes? Oh, and having your jaw on the ground for most of it? If that’s the case, you have to see Bridesmaids! I LOVED this movie!!! It was truly hysterically funny.

Bridesmaids is kind of the female version of The Hangover, in my opinion. If I had to pick which movie was better, I’m not sure I could. Very much like The Hangover, Bridesmaids is for both guys and girls–NOT a chick flick by any means! No sappy romance (although there were some cute, sentimental moments) and not a predictable storyline.

Bridesmaids Film Review by Live Fit Magazine & Films

Kristin Wiig, who co-wrote the movie and played the lead role is amazingly talented. I’ve actually never seen her in anything until this. Wiig plays Annie, a sweet, loveable single woman who’s going through the worst time in her life after her bakery business goes under and her boyfriend dumps her. Lillian, Annie’s best friend since childhood (played by Maya Rudolph, always a favorite) asks Annie to be the maid of honor in her wedding.

We then begin to meet all of Lillian’s bridesmaids and that’s when the movie becomes laugh-out-loud funny. All the characters are so different and so unique. My favorites were Whitney (played by Jessica St. Clair), a wealthy, uptight snob, who we end up loving after her insecurities are revealed throughout the movie, and Megan (played by Melissa McCarthy), sister of the groom, who seriously had me laughing to the point of tears streaming down my face! I have also never seen McCarthy in anything and the only reason I recognized her was because she just won an Emmy for Mike and Molly. Wow! What a true talent!

Throughout the movie, we watch Annie unravel which is sad, but gratifying to see her eventually get herself together. There are also touching friendship moments, an adorable relationship between Annie and a cop she becomes involved with, and funny, goofy scenes with both Annie’s “friend with benefits” and her roommates, an Australian brother and sister who are beyond entertaining and hilarious. There’s also a great performance by Annie’s mother (Jill Clayburgh) who is a sponsor for AA, even though she’s not (has never been) an alcoholic.

Bridesmaids is a great movie to watch by yourself, with your girlfriends OR with a guy. As a writer, it’s great to see creativity and talent like this. It’s inspires the comedic part of my writing. The writers of Bridesmaids were not afraid to push the envelope, go over the edge. And that’s what made this movie so darn good!

Editor’s Note: Film trailer by Universal Pictures.

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