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We were laughing out loud when someone suggested this story on bigger breasts without surgery. But we did a little digging, all in the name of research, and found out that the bigger breasts without surgery technique originated in Thailand. Apparently, a Thai beautician has clients who want bigger breasts without surgery, firmer buttocks, bosom, and face without plastic surgery. That’s certainly understandable–who wants to go under the knife?

While it makes sense it sure sounds, well, hokey, right? Not so says beautician, Khunying Tobnom Na Songkhla, owner of Ban Tobnom. However, she notes that her technique of breast slapping doesn’t work for everyone–”some breasts are too small to be enlarged,” she says, (at least through this non-invasive technique).

The treatment as reported in The Bangkok Post has been successfully practiced for more than two decades. It’s also used on the buttocks and face to firm those areas. The beautician claims its an age-old technique passed down from her heritage, sort of like foot massage. She claims not as many know about it because big breasts weren’t that important back then.

The bigger breasts without surgery technique is touted as safe, pain-free, and effective. See for yourself in this video. Then get the conversation rolling with your comments. Did we mention it’s government approved?

Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong.

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