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A Mere Messenger


Let me be a breeze of gentle inspiration wafting amongst those

Whom I meet on my spiritual walk upon this earth,

Tirelessly seeking truth and love and ways to fulfill

God’s plan for the purpose of my humble existence.

Let me be a healing porous sponge to soak up the salty tears

Of wounded hearts, broken beings, and destitute souls.

Let my genuine compassion help those with desperate cries and deep sorrow

And please grant me strength and love to console their woeful pains.

Let me be the comforting lamp in the dark neighborhood, a steady warm glow–

Offering insightful perspectives and new possibilities where hope is lost,

God, grant me clear vision so I may filter through the rubbish

And be a humble helper to my fellow humankind, a light into the dark corners.

God, grant me the canny ability to see beneath false pretenses,

And beyond the trickery that exists in this world like a house of mirrors that

Beckons and laughs at the hapless confused hungry Seekers

Who grasp for the sweet tea of life for solace, but bump into glass walls they cannot see.

Help me to offer a tender touch, an ear to listen, a wise word to ponder

With Your blessing and counsel and grace, let me share

Your soothing love, and with Your help, please use me

To be like an earth-angel, the salve or the sage, humbly in Your service.

God, please show me how to fulfill Your purpose for my grateful life

Bless my writing and bestow in me Your words that I may put to paper.

Grant me courage, wisdom and strength, and with Your hand of guidance,

Allow me to inscribe Your messages and share Your Word with devout artistic grace.

In Jesus name, I pray


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